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Lobster_scm brings the mustard to the shelf

The Honold Logistik Group is a logistics service provider with 22 locations in Europe and the Far East, including in China, Romania, Russia, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. The company specializes in the development of logistics real estate and industry logistics and is a member of leading transportation systems.

Everyone knows it, often products in the supermarket are not in stock. Often it is faulty data, if goods are not delivered on time: A decimal point slips or orders are late. The logistics software Lobster SCM of Lobster GmbH therefore automatically checks and corrects customer orders at the logistics company Honold International. Lobster SCM also automatically recognizes other contradictions: if a customer indicates, for example, that Honold International is to deliver the goods the next day and notify him by telephone the day before, this is not technically possible because the goods are transported overnight. The Lobster software immediately alerts the customer.

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