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Sound like just what the doctor ordered? You’re looking to harness the power of digital innovation to drive your business forward? Without compromising on the stability or security of your IT?

So let’s talk about electronic data interchange! In other words, the communication and integration of a variety of applications and systems whether within one company (EAI) or spanning different companies and industries (EDI). Seamless. Reliable. Straightforward. Hard to imagine doing business without it. In times of crisis more than ever.

Digitalise your conventional business processes. Cue: Process automation. Process all common data formats and messaging standards with our EDI software Lobster_data. And best of all: no programming. Just use Lobster to easily configure your interfaces in-house!

Your EDI advantages at a glance:

  • Cost savings
  • Fast response times
  • Improved data quality
  • Enhanced operational efficiency


Piqued your interest? Then it’s time for your ‘Compact Guide to EDI’. Download your complimentary copy today and have it on hand as a reference guide for all common electronic data integration and implementation concepts!

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    Lobster helps you navigate the digital outback with its countless acronyms (EDI, EAI, ESB, ETL / ELT, SOAP, SaaS). Any time. Anywhere. Our EDI Guide is perfect for administrators and IT teams alike, providing readers with a fundamental overview of EDI. Whether on-prem or in the cloud. Lobster solutions are versatile to use. Electronic data interchange – as easy as possible.